KINGSTON Portfolio/Laptop Sleeve - Brown

  • Kingston is an ultra-stylish and slim porfolio and laptop sleeve, Handcrafted with premium full-grain oil pull-up leather. It can comfortably fit 11" and 13" Macbook Air, 12" Macbook and the 13" Macbook Pro.We've designed this propping case to invigorate your appreciation for beauty while offering function and protection that appreciates the design genius that brought this laptop to your home.

    It also fits perfectly into our stylish Wellington Leather Briefcase if you want to complete the 'dapper look'!
  • ✦ Made by hand from finest Italian "Full Grain Oil Pull-Up" leather only. A perfect blend of hand and machine stitching.
    ✦ Functionally organized to fit A4 documents, your laptop or items with similar dimensions. Kingston has a slim silhouette makes it a perfect, lightweight companion for your daily commute. 
    • Versatility meets with style. Everything about the Kingston is thoughtful. Hold one in your hand and you’ll soon realize.
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    Leather Used to Make Kingston..

    The Kingston is made using Oil-pull up leather, which is quite unique and fascinating. Colored using aniline dyes that makes the leather more supple and smooth, it is then instilled with waxes and oils. This makes it highly durable and rich in color. Additionally, the oil acts as a protective layer that prevents water from leaking into the leather. 


    The beauty of oil-pull is its inherent resilience. The smooth and supple feel, along with water resistance and ability to maintain its appeal for lifetime.


    It is effortless to maintain this kind of leather. When scuffed, scratched or stretched, you can use a damp cloth with a little elbow grease to remove these imperfections easily.

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