SIENA Wallet

  • SIENA wallet makes paying the bills a little more classy. The beauty of Italian leather with 'cross stitched' design and a unique pin-closure will make your day even more special. Perfect to use as a pouch to go inside your handbag.

    Up To
    5 Cards
    Oil Pull-Up
  • ✦ Finest Italian leather "Full Grain Oil Pull-up" only. Uniqueness is its flexibility - gets back to shape, preserving its original look.
    ✦ Closed dimensions 4.75" by 3.45". The pocket outside is designed for frequently used cards.Fits up to 5 Cards. Perfect room for coins and bank notes inside.
    ✦ Cross stitched design with Japanese waxed thread by using traditional "running stitch" method providing a stronger and more durable construction.
    Colored using aniline dyes that makes the leather more supple, smooth and rich in color. Additionally, the oil acts as a protective layer that prevents water from leaking into the leather.
    ✦ Differentiate from others with a brass pin-closure. Quick, easy and secure to protect your valuable items.
    ✦ Handmade from start to finish. Each piece is hand cut, hand punched and hand sewn. The edges are buffed and smoothed, giving you a joy to hold and touch.
    • Distinctive design of Siena will catch your eyes. The unique characteristic Oil Pull-Up Italian leather makes the wallet soften overtime and age beautifully. With the ability of water and stretches resistance, Siena would maintain its appeal for lifetime.
      It is effortless to maintain Oil Pull-up leather over time. When scuffed, scratched or stretched, just use a damp cloth with a little elbow grease to remove the imperfections easily.