An IWC pilot's watch that is different

I like pilot watches because they have different dial styles, the whole nostalgia & historic significance. Stowa and Laco were some of the earlier brands I liked, though they were quite niche. With IWC, ofcourse, there is a wider appeal and this particular watch maintains my interest in that style.

The model name is IWC Pilot Mark XVIII Heritage Titanium Automatic, Reference no. IW327006. 

Buttero Mustard Bespoke watch-strap from Ryoko Bags on IWC Pilots watch

It is a beautiful watch - I especially like the difference in the dial compared to your typical IWC Pilot's watches - which are clearly more popular and significant for representing the brand. This kind of design is more reminiscent of pilot's watches from the past, so I was surprised to see something like this from IWC.

Unlike most people, I actually like the faux patina, which gives it a vintage look and a bit of character. The only thing I miss with this watch is the onion/big crown that is found on other IWC Big Pilot watches.

Buttero Mustard Bespoke watch-strap from Ryoko Bags on IWC Pilots watch

There is a matte finish to the dial, and the blued hands look quite nice. It does wear slightly larger for a 40mm watch, but it still fits my wrist just fine. Some features of this watch, such as the titanium case, makes it a light watch to wear, and the overall effect gives it a very military vibe.

As always, the original strap stays in the box and is replaced by our Buttero-Mustard coloured watch strap, which is custom sized to fit my wrist perfectly. What are your thoughts on the Mark 18 Heritage? Which is your favorite Pilot’s watch? Would love to hear your thoughts!