Ryokō Story

 It all started with our passion for travel.

My wife (Noon) & I are avid travelers - always keen to explore new places and we love capturing these moments through the camera lens. Whenever we’re on the go, it always felt that there was this constant need to be able to ‘carry better’.

Whether it was during holidays or daily commute, our search for the perfect travel & camera bag continued. Really disappointed with the lack of practical options out there, we finally decided to design and handcraft one ourselves.

Noon and Anirban from Ryoko Bags at Apple

Starting from scratch, we learnt the beauty of the various types of leather, visited tanneries in different countries, and learnt the traditional way of craftsmanship from artisans. As the initial months passed with excitement and discussions, our sketches on paper transformed into beautiful leather goods that we could touch and feel. And that’s how Ryokō (which means “TRAVEL - 旅行" in Japanese) was born in 2015.

One of the key unique characters of our goods is that they are made from ‘full-grain’ leather, which is the very top layer of the hide. This makes them incredibly durable while still maintaining their natural features. We would like our leather goods to reflect a strong dedication to design, consistent quality and our passion.


Our Interview as featured on Dubai Tourism's Official YouTube Channel for Market OTB 2017 








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