10 Thoughtful and Unique Valentine's Day Gifts to Buy Online

Are you confused about what to gift your partner this Valentine's Day? Then not to worry, because I will share more than 10 thoughtful and unique gifts that feel good to give and last forever, just like your love.

  1. Madison Backpack: Are you a traveler? Do you have to go to the office every single day? Just thinking of a normal day out? Planning to meet your old friend? Whatever the case, a backpack is literally made for everyone and every situation. 
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Although a backpack is an everyday requirement, the fact that we still forget when it comes to gifts makes it a uniquely thoughtful gift. Madison Backpack is crafted with the finest leather and comes in 2 beautiful colors, tan and black. It has a separate zip opening for your laptop, making it more flight-friendly. 

  1. S'Pore Sling Bag: Anyone travelling anywhere, whether in or outside the city, will love having their hands free from holding their phones, wallets, keys, etc. The sling bag is for someone who keeps moving and hardly seems at home, and this gift will keep reminding them of you whenever they are moving and how thoughtfully you have bought it for them.
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  1. Hudson notebook cover - If your partner literally note every small detail in their notebook, or just writes a journal before going to sleep. Gifting them a notebook essential set, which includes a notebook, Hudson cover, and Refyne EP1 Bolt Action pen, will make their Valentine's Day way more special than you can imagine. Whenever they write something, the first thing they think of is you. But if your special person already has a notebook, then gift them the Hudson notebook cover. 
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  1. A Wallet: There are multiple options depending on what they choose. For example, if they like card wallets, you can gift them a Jersey card wallet
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If they like card wallets, with some extra space to store some cash in them, then you can gift them a Java Slim wallet.

If they are more on the traditional side, you can gift them a Jos RIFD Bifold wallet.

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And if they like something a little more modern and classy, then you must buy them a Jones Clip wallet.

You know the best thing about gifting a wallet on Valentine's Day is that it's always close to them, and they can't go anywhere without it. If you are looking for more options then you can checkout our wallet collections.

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  1. Watch Roll or A Watch Case: Giving a watch to a watch lover is a brilliant idea, but gifting a watch case or a watch roll seems more interesting and thoughtful, as you not only care about them but also the things they love the most. 

Hex watch cases have a smart hexagonal design that not only looks classy but can also store bracelet watches in them. They come in 3 colors: black, tan, and my favorite, vintage brown. 

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Whereas the GMT Watch Roll is more travel friendly and can keep the watches as safe and secure as Hex Watch Cases. Every time they pack their watches or take one out, they will think about you. 

  1. Mark Tech Portfolio or Kyoto Folio: If your partner likes being classy, stylish, and highly organized, then "Mark Tech Portfolio" or "Kyoto Folio" is a must-give gift. This will not only make them happy, but they will cherish the fact that you have selected it so thoughtfully, remembering the tiny details of their every-day work lives.
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Whether they want to work from home, meet a client somewhere, or work from a coffee shop, all they need to do is zip and go. It's completely crafted from the finest leather. It's perfect for people who can work from anywhere.

  1. Dopp Kit: It's not just made to carry your toiletries but can also turn into a tech kit, make-up kit, or even a creative kit for your instruments. Dopp Kit keeps stuff organised in two different compartments in case they need to separate some items from each other, with a water-resistant inner lining.
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  1. Wellington Laptop Briefcase: It's perfect for professionals on the go, whether they work for a corporate firm or have a constant meet-up with their client; this stylish design and two-toned colours of the Welling Laptop Briefcase are a unique combination of a classic yet contemporary style. You can carry it with its top handles or simply sling it over your shoulder with the strap included. making it an ideal Valentine's Day gift for working professionals.
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All the goods I mentioned here are 100% crafted from the finest leather that lasts longer and ages beautifully with unique characters. You can also monogramming them; monogramming can make the whole gift more romantic and special if you monogram your and your partner's initials. For example, if your name starts with the letter A and your partner's name starts with the letter N, your gift is monogrammed as N.A. or A.N. Don't you think it will make the whole Valentine's Day gift romantic? ❤️

These were some amazing, unique, and thoughtful gifts to give your partner this Valentine's Day.


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