#LetsGoRyoko Vol. 2.0 with Sreevathsav S Naik

Photos by sreevathsav s naik for Ryoko Bags. Bangalore, India

We have known Sreevathsav for a few years and love scrolling through his Instagram feed every now and then. He clicks pictures of his everyday life and captures beautiful moments around his hometown, city of Bangalore in India. This just goes to show that we don't always have to go travelling to new countries and cities to enjoy photography. There are 'clickable' candid moments all around us if we only take time to see them. Here's a few lines from our fun chat with him...

So, why don't you tell us how your journey started with photography?

I’ve been clicking pictures for as long as I can remember, but was more of a 'point and shooter'. My best friend was a serious photographer and he taught me the technical aspects of camera like aperture, ISO and shutter speed and helped me purchase my first DSLR in 2009 since then there's been no stopping.

Phone or Camera? What’s your ‘go-to’ for leisure photography?

My current gear is my iPhone6 and Sony a6000. I have to confess that my DSLR has been gathering dust a bit lately. I’ve been shooting on films for a long time, I love the whole organic process involved in making pictures on films but now it’s near impossible to find proper film developing studios in India. However, I found that I can get a very similar feel on my phone using the P and E series filters on the VSCOcam app.

What inspires you to shoot? How do you choose your subject?

If you look at my work, you'll see that I don’t have a particular style like 'street photography', travel or portraits. I pick my subjects on the basis of light, colour, pattern, distance, proportion and sometimes faces. In the process of capturing and composing my shots, I’ve have probably told some story or touched upon certain sensibilities.

What is your DREAM project?

Something that’s evidently missing in my work are my travel shots, maybe because I haven’t done much of travelling. I’d like to travel and explore as many places as possible and document everything as part of my travel photojournalism. I think that’s my dream project..

You can follow Sreevathsav’s beautiful Instagram feed here: https://www.instagram.com/sreevathsav