A Space 4 You

January 15, 2016

Ryokō at A4 Space, Alserkal Avenue, DUbai

We discovered A4 Space during one of our visits to Alserkal Avenue. It is a lovely place in town where people come to sit together, have coffee, read books, or peacefully work on their laptops.

This simple, yet well-designed space has a cinema room, project space, a café, free wifi, and our favorite - a cute little library put together thanks to book donations by the same people who frequently visit here. Walking into A4 Space, you will meet creative freelancers as well as artists and culture enthusiasts who use this place to work, connect, and collaborate. Their cinema room has often been used for film screenings, lectures, as well as panel discussions.

Ryokō at A4 Space, Alserkal Avenue, DUbai

Here, people like to spend their time here relaxing, thinking, working, even sleeping (as it is so quiet and peaceful). It truly is a home-away-from-home.

A4 is the perfect place to spend time and reflect, get inspired and brainstorm to generate ideas. We have been here several times when working on ideas for Ryokō and are so lucky to find a place like this in this city, away from the tall buildings, busy shopping malls – the urban jungle that is Dubai.

Ryokō at A4 Space, Alserkal Avenue, DUbai

Like us, people end up discovering this hidden gem when they come to Alrekal Avenue to visit art exhibitions and photography galleries and other creative and cultural events that are held here frequently.

Ryokō at A4 Space, Alserkal Avenue, DUbai

A4 Space is open from Saturday through to Thursday 10am-7pm.

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