A Conversation with Dinesh: The Design Brain Behind Roda Notes


Hey everyone, I recently had an incredibly enlightening chat with a dear friend of mine, Dinesh, the creative genius behind Roda Notes.


Roda Notes, known for their clean, minimalistic design, didn’t just appear out of nowhere. In Dinesh’s words, “it was a slow realisation.” He shared with me a series of “lightbulb moments.” From seeing a friend using a basic school notebook for work to being intrigued by Jony Ive’s revelation of how Apple designs still rely on physical notebooks. The journey was set in motion when he noticed the simple elegance of our Hudson Notebook cover. These experiences all sparked Dinesh’s interest in creating a notebook that was more than just a notebook, leading to the birth of Roda Notes.


Dinesh lives by the philosophy that “anything more than necessary is unnecessary." This belief is the secret sauce behind the aesthetic of Roda’s products. Simple, functional, and super sleek, they’re a pleasure to have on your desk. One of their popular products that exemplifies this design philosophy is the Tasknote.

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Starting Roda Notes was no walk in the park. Dinesh recalled the frustrating launch of Tasknote Lite. An unexpected issue with ink quality led to a batch of 1,000 notebooks being rejected. Instead of getting discouraged, Dinesh took these challenges in stride, learning from them and using these experiences to grow.

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Roda is a harmonious blend of brand, design, and stationery. As a former freelance brand designer with a keen eye for detail, Dinesh brings his experience and knowledge to the table. His goal? To delight customers at every touchpoint. Whether it's the minor details, like the rounded corners of their shipping box tapes, or bigger moves like shifting to a new office, every decision at Roda is made with the customer in mind.

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One of the many ways Dinesh has impacted Ryokō is by helping us with our design needs. I remember an instance where I sent him a snapshot of my notes, asking him to design something based on them. Little did I know, that incident would inspire him and add another perspective to his journey with Roda.

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If Roda Notes' products were people, they'd have distinct, vibrant personalities. The Tasknote is the go-getter CEO, the Notepad is the visionary leader, the A5 Note is the seasoned industry expert, and the Pocket Note is the energetic intern brimming with fresh ideas. For those who want to enjoy all the shades of creativity, there is the A5 Note - All Colors.

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Fast-forward to 2033, Dinesh envisions Roda as a medium-sized company, still dedicated to crafting extraordinary products that simplify work. He foresees a future powered by more resources, more creative minds, and a tenfold increase in their positive impact.

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The passion and dedication that Dinesh brings to Roda Notes is palpable, and it's clear that the future is bright for this dynamic company. We're thrilled to be a part of their journey and can't wait to see what they do next.

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Looking for a perfect combo? Now, you can also get our Mark tech portfolio with the A5 note as a variant. Make work simpler and more stylish with Ryokō and Roda Notes!

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