A Meeting of Time: Conversations and Craftsmanship at Dubai Watch Week

There are moments in the world of horology that transcend time and place, and my recent encounter at Dubai Watch Week with RJ from Fratello Watches was one such instance.

Our conversation meandered through the corridors of time, starting with RJ’s first tryst with a Speedmaster — a 321 movement piece from the late 90s that kindled his enduring love for these watches. Faizan, a connoisseur of vintage Speedmasters, added depth to our dialogue with his insights and experiences.

We delved into the nuances of Speedy Tuesdays and Omega collaborations, contrasting the allure of vintage watches with the pragmatic charm of modern pieces. My penchant for ‘Neo-Vintage’ watches — those that marry historical appeal with contemporary mechanics — found a resonating echo in RJ’s perspectives.

A standout moment was admiring RJ’s new Ed White 321 Speedmaster, a symbol of our shared passion for innovation and the enduring legacy of timepieces.

Our conversation wasn’t confined to just the mechanics of watches; it branched into the cultural impact of timepieces, inspired by a Fratello podcast about watches in movies. This fusion of horology and pop culture highlights the pervasive influence of watches in our lives.

The meeting was also an opportunity to showcase a collaborative project close to our hearts at Ryoko. We presented RJ with a bespoke Rio Camera Bag, meticulously handcrafted and elevated with exquisite calligraphy by Amir Hossein Golshani from Golden Pen. This bag, now a canvas of art and craftsmanship, is more than an accessory; it’s a journey in itself.

To give you a glimpse into this artistic endeavor, we have put together a short video capturing the essence of Amir’s craftsmanship.

It’s a narrative about how passion for art and horology can intertwine to create something truly unique.

As Dubai Watch Week unfolds, this encounter with RJ stands out as a poignant reminder of the stories, history, and connections that form the heart of the horological community. Each conversation, each shared experience adds a layer to our collective narrative, enriching our passion for the art of timekeeping.