Ryoko visits Dubai Watch Week

Dubai Watch Week this year was a special experience that reintroduced us to the world of watches and watchmaking. Apart from the bigger names like Audemars Piguet and Rolex, we were pleasantly surprised to see some of the newer watchmakers and their beautiful timepieces. Let me tell you all about our experience at this watch expo!



Luckily, the event was just a short walk away from our Flagship Store in DIFC, Dubai, so we make it a point to visit most of the days to see what’s new in the world of watchmaking. Dubai Watch Week has grown into one of the most important international events, bringing together a diverse range of knowledge and innovation from the horological field under one roof.


It is the largest and most prestigious non-commercial watch expo in the Middle East, with 48 prominent watch brands confirmed this year — the highest number of participating exhibitors to date.


Image From The Hour Markers


It was an amazing experience, and we were thrilled to visit the various brand displays and exhibits. From what we understand, it is an event that celebrates watchmakers and designers from around the world, providing an opportunity for them to showcase their pieces to connoisseurs and amateurs alike. It also acts as an educational platform, establishing Dubai Watch Week as a cultural and horological destination.


Image From The National News


Of course, our own store’s proximity to the event at DIFC saw many of the visitors also stop by Ryokō to explore our collection of custom-made straps that could be made based on their exact tastes.


Image From WatchPro



The beauty of a bespoke watch strap is how it can truly complete the look of your favorite watch to make it extra-special. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your Rolex or put some life into your Apple Watch, a bespoke watch strap can make all the difference. Additionally, if you’re looking for a high-quality gift for someone special, nothing says I love you quite like a custom strap explicitly designed for them. Here are some of the straps we custom-made during the event and previously:



Paired here perfectly with our Faded Green Watch Strap 


The Bond Omega Seamaster on a Bespoke, custom-sized 'Tobacco Textured' strap from Ryoko. To make it more personal, we then punch in the exact 1-2 holes on the strap that will be the perfect fit for you. 
Ryoko has handmade Bespoke Watch Straps that will be one of a kind and made to order for your specifications, you can customize your own strap to give it a classic upgrade.