Long-Haul Flights: Essentials to take onboard

Long Haul Flight Essentials

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It doesn't matter if you travel frequently or occasionally, if your profession involves travel or if you go on business trips, if you are an economy flyer or a business flyer. What matters is that if you don't know how to make it through a long-haul flight, it will be incredibly boring. So here is a list of essentials for long-haul flights:


Travel Pillow- The travel pillow not only supports your neck to make travelling more pleasant, but it also improves your quality of sleep throughout a lengthy flight.

Travel pillow

First aid kit/essential medicines - To ensure our physical safety in times of crisis and prevent any possible injuries from worsening, you must carry a first aid kit. With this, also pack any medicines you take on a regular basis at home.


Grooming kit- Making your own toiletry kit before a trip not only helps you be more organised, but it also saves you time. Get a two-compartment bag like the Liwa Dopp Kit, which is water-resistant, and put together your own amenity kit items in it: hand cream, lip balm, hair oil, face moisturizer and other personal care items like toothbrushes and toothpaste; shampoo; shower gel; etc

long haul flight skincare routine

Noise-cancelling headphonesNoise-cancelling headphones can help you block out the sounds of the plane, babies crying, or the person dozing next to you. With these headphones, you can fully tune out these noises or bury yourself in a movie, which will help the time pass quickly. We recommend going with Sony's XM5 or Apple's AirPods Pro as a more minimalist option.

long haul flight travel essentials

Tech bag - The last thing you want to say is, "Oh no, I forgot to bring my charging cable or power bank with me." You won't enjoy the thought of needlessly purchasing a new one. Therefore, make sure you have them all ready and organised in one place. Interestingly, many of our customers find the Liwa Dopp kit again a great option to double up as a tech bag - it can easily fit your power bank, phone charger, extension cord, earbuds, and other tech essentials. Another great option to keep all of your tech accessories in one place and in style is the our Mark Tech Portfolio

long haul flight essentials kit

Laptop and cameras: Since COVID, most work has moved online, and if you work remotely, you can't miss taking your laptop. In addition to using them for business, laptops may be used for other things, including journaling, watching movies, reading Kindle books, and even transferring photos from your camera to your laptop. Whereas travelling and cameras go hand in hand, a passionate flyer loves to capture moments and memories.

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We prefer the 13-inch Macbook Air M2 for its compact size while being a powerful device. The Microsoft Surface & iPad Pro can also be great options for not just the compact form factor but also the flexibility to be a tablet for consuming content. Phone cameras are great but if you would like to enjoy photography a little more, then mirror-less cameras are a good place to start. We love fuji cameras for their retro+modern style. Their Fuji XE4  and X100V are great options.

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Cash and credit cards: On the verge of forgetting your wallet, were you? I saved you this time, so you can thank me. Therefore, bring along enough cash and all of your active credit cards. Meanwhile, the Smith wallet, which also holds your passport, is everything you need if you're searching for a new wallet designed just for travelers. While Ryoko's Jos RFID Bifold wallet is crafted of the best Oil Pull-Up leather, is RFID protected, and features a hidden pocket.

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 GMT Watches  - Wearing sunglasses for eye protection is especially crucial during takeoff after passing through the clouds because you are still exposed to UV rays when on a plane. Whereas watch can be any GMT watch to track dual time zones like the Tudor GMT, or the Nomos world timer to track world time zones. sunglasses go basic with either the wayfarers or aviators from rayban to keep it classic.

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Necessary Documents - International travel is built on proper identification. You should therefore make sure to carry official identification at all times, like a passport, travel visa, and national identification card.Nowadays, especially with COVID rules finally loosening up a bit, it is always a good idea to keep hard copies of all papers in addition to digital copies on your phone.


I hope you have a lovely Long-Haul flight next time.

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