Rediscovering Ryokō in Dubai: A Brand New Chapter at WAFI Mall

Hello, Ryokō Fam!


Exciting times ahead! We're absolutely thrilled to unveil the next chapter of Ryokō in the captivating surroundings of WAFI Mall, Dubai. As we celebrate this new beginning, we fondly remember our previous Dubai store at DIFC (which we closed earlier this year). Every end is a new beginning, and our journey in Dubai continues to unfold.

Our presence may have taken on different forms in the past few months – from our partnership outlets at 1847 in Dubai Mall, the trendy ETHER at Yas Mall, to our very own debut in Abu Dhabi's Reem Mall. But Dubai, with its vibrancy and our community's fond memories, beckoned us once more. Here we are, rekindling the flame.

We know the brief absence of our own physical store in Dubai made it challenging for many of our regular 'walk-in' customers. Over the last few months, we're humbled by the countless enquiries, the frequent reminiscing of our earlier Dubai store, and the ever-present yearning for the tactile experience of their favourite leather goods & travel accessories. To those who've missed the touch, feel, and customizing joy, especially of our bespoke watchstraps: we've heard you, and we're back!


While the convenience of our online store (free next day delivery in UAE, plus fast International shipping) remains ever-present, we understand and cherish the unique charm of in-person visits. The scent of natural leather, the intricate stitch patterns, and the lovely connections we forge when you walk into our physical stores are irreplaceable. So, why not swing by WAFI Mall? Explore the latest, the classics, and everything in between that Ryokō offers.


Whether you're a long-time supporter or someone just discovering Ryokō , our doors (both virtual and physical) are always open.