Ryoko at Quoz Arts Fest

Ryokō at Quoz Art Fes

Never expected a weekend to be so exciting!

Quoz Arts Fest is back for its 10th edition. The lively and colourful weekend will bring together more than 50 unique concepts from all over Al Quoz and offer a broad and dynamic lineup of more than 200 activations. From live music to contemporary dance, from performing arts to public art installations, from food trucks to... what more do you want?

quoz arts fest alserkal programme-map

Image by Quoz Arts Fest 


Kave Alserkal Avenue - Direction

The Quoz Arts Fest theme for this year is "Shift Away,"  which evokes three magical worlds. Visitors will have access to portals like Shift to Nature, which challenges one's notion of scale; Shift to Cyborg, which explores the online realm; and Shift to Childhood, which allows one to let their inner kid loose.

Here are some top reasons why you should not miss Quoz Art Fest:

Films under the stars!

Watch some amazing movies under the stars on the 29th of January for the whole night—an experience you always wished to get a feel for can become real.

Live musical jamming

Perfect for those who enjoy losing themselves in music, it becomes much more intriguing when it's a mix of cool pop, soul, funk, disco, and more. You can also look forward to a collaboration between the UAE’s most promising emerging talents.

Life of a foodie

If you are a foodie, go straight to the Good Vibe Market, as there will be plenty of food stopover and some of the UAE’s most popular independent dining concepts.

Market of Misfits

Love anything old, weathered, and full of characters? Then you're in for a treat, with a market of beautiful organic produce and emerging art. How can Ryoko not be a part of something that ages beautifully and is full of characters? Meet us at the Market of Misfits.

So your plan for this weekend is sorted. See you at the Quoz Art Fest, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai.