What's 'New' at our New Store

Believing in our message to carry better in style, we thought that it was time to reinforce our foundation as a travel accessories & leather goods store. That's why we decided to open up our first retail shop here in Dubai. Located in DIFC Gates Avenue, this is our largest store till date. We opened in April 2021, envisioning a space where our classic collections of leather goods join hands with exciting partnerships with other brands.



Our Goal

We share our everyday carry essentials, and let our customers to experience first hand, their favorite pieces from the Ryokō collection and see texture and ageing of the full grain leather. The idea was also to have include our customers and their feedback to our existing and upcoming designs as a of our journey and evolution as a brand in the coming days. 

What's New?

Opening our flagship store allowed for many opportunities to rise, for starters it allowed us to have a Bespoke Watch-straps Station. We were able to display and customize watch straps that are made from premium leather, this led to many advantages like repairing or cleaning based on the customer’s needs. Whether they need specific wrist measurements, or wanting to choose a specific leather that matches a specific stitch. 





Another reason we decided to open up a leather shop here in Dubai is to maximize our customer service and be able to expand our handmade genuine leather items by personalizing it to the customers preference. Last but not least is to be able to share our ideology of using genuine full grain leather to push our message and create leather goods that help carry better and in style.


Ryokō Recommends

Another new aspect that we began to push for is everyday carry items and desk essentials from Orbitkey, bicycles from spartan, bolt action pens from refine, leather care products from saphir, wooden sunglasses from wildwood, notebooks from moleskine and lamy.


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