Ryokō Recommends : The Orbitkey Nest

Over the last few months we have partnered with a few really interesting designers/brands, one of them that really got us excited in Orbitkey - we selected our favourite from their collection to curate our own picks that we're sure you will love too! We have them available in our store and online at Ryokō recommends, a new section of where we have also collaborated with a few other brands who design and craft accessories that share a similar goal as ours, & compliment the 'Ryokō lifeststyle'.


Ryoko Bags in Dubai now has the Orbitkey collection. Our favourite is the Nest

Our Top Pick from Orbitkey

This week’s focus is on Orbitkey's Reddot Award winning accessory, the Nest. One of its main highlights is its portable and compact design, which consists of a valet tray and storage space and on the valet tray there is a 10W wireless charging pad which is incredible and convenient wherever you go.


interior of orbitkey nest showing all the compartments and storage space

Why we like it

Orbitkey Nest is truly a home for all your essentials, in which you can declutter and stay organized, wherever you are. It also has a variety of storage space, it can store cards you don't use often in the lid to free up space in your wallet, as well as an elastic pouch for smaller looser items and avoid them to go astray.


below the valet tray showing the card holders as well as an elastic pouch

The second storage area is essentially customizable storage which consists of movable dividers that allows the user to customize compartments to suit their specific needs.


demonstration of how Orbitkey Nest keeps your work organized

Other stuff we also like..

Some of Orbitkey other honorable mentions include the Orbitkey desk mat - the other winning design for the Reddot Award. The idea here as well is to create a clutter free zone that avoid paper piling up and keeping your work organized.


reddot 2021 award winning Orbitkey desk mat
customizable orbitkey key organizer can also be monogrammed



Ofcourse, you can never go wrong with the Orbitkey key organizer, the 'OG' of the brand, so to speak. Stylish and functional, it comes in a variety of different colours and textures that would perfectly pair well with the rest of your EDC essentials! 

different variations and colors of the orbitkey key organizer
a deeper look into the details of the orbitkey desk mat
orbitkey nest for decluttering and a organized life