Slowing the shutter speed of life

Images by Steven Setiono

Travel and photography have always been very close to our heart at Ryokō. In fact, it was one of the main inspirations for starting the Ryokō adventure and now being able to share it with you. However, these are unusual times and the restricted movements have made us all change our behaviours. But does it really mean that we have to stop doing things that we enjoyed when we had more freedom?


Sure, there are a lot of things we can't do amongst all the restrictions (hopefully not for too long), but there are still lots of other ways to enjoy our time and stay connected to our hobbies.



Photography, for example, is something associated with going to new places and discovering them through our lens. When we are spoilt with the luxury of too many options, we often miss the beauty that is right in front of us. Now is probably the best time to discover those moments around us which may otherwise be overlooked.



Why not branch out with your style and creativity with an amazing picture of simple objects or 'situations' around your house, or during a short walk in your yard. Perhaps somewhere normally so packed with people that is now seemingly abandoned. Taking rare images without the background noise of crowds of people can uncover a unique perspective of a familiar place. Plus you get a daily walk for exercise to stay healthy!


Essentially the idea is to slow things down, in this fast-paced world, where there is just so much content to consume and so little time. Perhaps these few months will reverse the equation a little bit where you have the luxury of more time in hand than you otherwise would.


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