The Chronicle of Georgia: A Hidden Gem with Breathtaking Views

 The Chronicle of Georgia: A Hidden Gem with Breathtaking Views

While we were in Georgia, we visited many beautiful and historic sites such as Narikala Fortress, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and the picturesque and exciting tour to Kazbegi and Gudauri. Basically, as much as can be packed into a three to four day trip. The one place that came as a surprise was the Chronicle of Georgia. It somehow does not appear in most of the recommended places to visit in Georgia and is often overlooked as a sightseeing attraction. This place was so far down on our sightseeing list that we practically stopped by the monument on our way to the airport on the final day of our trip. We were very glad we did, because it was one of the highlights of our trip. It's a hidden gem, a very underrated tourist attraction and one we highly recommend - a place that you should put on your itinerary for your next trip to Georgia.


Photo by Avinash Mahesh


This tourist spot is located in the heart of the countryside and offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Whether you're a nature lover or simply want to go on a fun day with friends, Georgia's hidden gem is well worth your time!

Ryoko visits Chronicle of Georgia

We were astonished when we arrived at the location, which was quite distant from downtown. We admired the massive pillars with wonderfully constructed sculpits on them as we got closer.


Ryoko visits Chronicle of GeorgiaPhoto by Avinash Mahesh


Despite the fact that the memorial is still unfinished, we barely noticed it. This memorial stands as proof of Georgia’s claim to being the world's second oldest Christian nation after Armenia.

The pillars in the square are each 30 meters high and made to look like they're planted firmly into place. They represent Georgia's 3,000 year old history with an artistic flourish


Ryoko visits Chronicle of GeorgiaPhoto by Avinash Mahesh


The sculptures of Georgia are not just stone monuments. They also tell the interesting history from early times to modern day, with drawings on some famous kings and people who played significant roles in our country's development such as Saint Nino - one that’s cherished by Georgians alike for its significance during medieval times.

Not only will you be overwhelmed by the breathtaking views of Pillars, but it's surrounded by gorgeous scenery that is hard to come across. If this location doesn't make you stop and stare with its beauty, take some photos!


Ryoko visits Chronicle of Georgia Traveling with the Rio Camera Bag to Georgia

The best time of day to visit?

Come during afternoon-evening time when most landmarks are lit up making everything look even more picturesque.

Here are three compelling reasons to go on this journey: It's still undiscovered, so you'll have it all to yourself. It's extremely rare, and the experience is unforgettable! You'll get some fantastic photographs because of its uniqueness!


Special thanks to Avinash Mahesh (IG @mrbassic) for sharing pictures from his visit to the Chronicle of Georgia. You can explore his Instagram gallery showcasing street photography, portrait photography and more.

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