A Bespoke Satchel that Fits Your Essentials & Reflects Your Style

If you're looking for a stylish and functional everyday bag that is uniquely made just for you, then we have something new to share with you - Introducing the Parma Satchel bag, designed with all the features you need to stay organised while on the go. Featuring multiple interior sections, this premium leather bag is made with the highest quality full grain leather and craftsmanship for a durable and long-lasting piece that you can rely on.


The Story


A few months ago, we introduced a brand new line of bespoke bags that focused more on fashion and style accessories while still keeping in mind the functional goals we maintain when designing something new. These were the Venice and Siena bags.

These items were quite unique in that they were cut, stitched, and crafted completely by hand, one at a time, based on the customer's specifications. In essence, our customers are actually part of the design process and can request leather colours and stitching threads of their choice for their bags. They could even mix some of the leather colours to make multi-tone versions.


In particular, the Venice bag caught the eye of one of our regular customers, and he asked if we could redesign it into a more spacious 'work satchel' bag, something that could fit his 14" laptop, a few hours, and a few essentials that he carries every day. 

Currently, we have our Wellington briefcase and our Cleveland travel bag that can serve those purposes, but this was different. A distinctly different approach to the everyday briefcase. Bespoke, custom-made and handcrafted according to the specifics that a customer specifies, from start to finish. And that's the story of our newest design - The Parma Satchel bag - an old-school style design that feels distinctly 'mid-century modern'.


The Different Colourways




The Parma Satchel is also available in different colourways including midnight blue, chocolate brown or black leather, making it perfect to carry around your everyday essentials in style! You can also request custom modifications, such as different thread colours, making it so that two pieces are completely alike, and the one you have is unique to your style and carry requirements.

We're happy to announce that the Parma satchel is now available to pre-order on our site with a special discounted ‘early bird’, so take your pick today! You also get the option to tweak specifics like the height, depth and the width of the bag to specifically suit your style and ‘everyday-carry’ requirements. 

You can place your order here or reach us at hello@ryokobags.com or call/whatsapp on +971 58 577 3685.


Our pre-order at a special ‘early bird’ price is now available, so take your pick today!