The Everyday Wallet: Slim, Handstitched and Built to Last

The quest to find the perfect slim wallet has been going on ever since wallets came into existence. Most are bulky and unattractive, meant to keep your cards safe without making it so you can't fit them in your pocket comfortably, which is where we started our mission to find the ultimate slim wallet. After a lot of different designs, we came up with the Java and Jones wallets - both to be hand stitched, with strong enough seams to hold everything you need, but thin enough that you won't be tempted to leave it at home when you head out for the evening.

3 Things We Set Out To Accomplish

  1. A wallet that could stand up to everyday use
  2. Make it slim enough to easily carry it conveniently everyday, even if kept in the front pocket
  3. Handcraft something that is built to last a lifetime that will improve with age through leather's inherent durability

Our Materials & Craftsmanship

Because we build our products with premium full-grain leather, your wallet will soften up over time and develop a unique patina. We love how each of our wallets becomes an extension of your personality. Our Jones and Java wallets, specifically, are handstitched, built to last a lifetime, and made from only full-grain Japanese leather—considered one of the highest quality leather there is. We handcraft each wallet with lots of care and love; this is why we provide a lifetime warranty and we invite you to reach out to us if you have any issues with a wallet you received from us.


How they Develop a Beautiful Patina with Age

The natural process of aging leather is known as patina, which creates a gorgeous character on our wallets. We craft our wallets to be durable through saddle-style handstitching and using full-grain leather, which is tanned using organic and natural dyes. It will begin aging from day one, with small scratches visible through-out daily use. These scratches will develop more deeply over time and as you continue to use them, you will love the changes as they become more rich in appearance, developing a beautiful patina. This is not something that can be artificially created, it's simply an effect of natural leather usage. This does not affect durability or performance in any way.


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