Watch Talks with Nitish Verma

Top of the morning RyokoFam! 

Last year we wanted to try our hand at starting a series about watch collecting, photography, design & travel - basically all things we’re passionate about.

So we teamed up with Karan from @thegentlemanscommunity & invited our very good friend, Nitish (@awatchandaband), to speak to us about his passion for watch collecting. We start off with his early days into the hobby and also the first mechanical watch he got from his dad.

One of the watches he talks about is the Montblanc Star-walker Chronograph, a great size - 38mm in diameter. It was quite nice and 'dressy' even with the chronograph complication.

The video footage of our conversation ended up being over 40 minutes so it was quite challenging to edit it down to 4 minutes. We talked about so many different aspects of his watch collecting, including Nitish's love for the Seiko Turtle (which he has two of). We were quite surprised to see that for such a 'chunky watch' it sits so well on the wrist.

Eventually, we get to his Omega Speedmaster Professional - it's funny how Nitish says he was trying hard not to buy it but ended up getting the watch eventually. It is just one of those watches that is hard to ignore (for too long).

We have been following Nitish's Instagram gallery of beautiful wrist-shots of various watches from his collection. He tells us that most of them are shot on his mobile phone which was so cool to know because somehow when looking at his pictures, they all seem to 'pop out' so well and beautifully composed. Just goes to show that you don't always need a high-end camera, with the right mood and lighting, you could create some beautiful photos!

Next up was the G- Shock - again a must-have for most collections.

The watch he was wearing on the day was his recently acquired Rolex GMT Master II Batman. We were happy to see it on the oyster bracelet instead of the jubilee. Being a sports watch,  that is definitely the right look.



Apart from watch collecting, Nitish is also quite passionate about traveling. He talks about his trip to Kyiv.

When asked what might be the next watch that he would love to add to his collection, we were happy to hear that he had his eyes set on the JLC Reverso. The perfect dress watch, in our opinion, that would complete his already enviable collection!

If you would like to see more of this fun conversation we had with Nitish, check out the video link above. You can also follow him on Instagram here. We hope you found this interesting - super keen to hear your feedback! Would you like us to make more videos like this in the future? Any topics in particular?

Special thanks once again to Nitish for being the star of the show, to Bakemart Gourmet for hosting us. Have a great rest of the day everyone, stay home, stay safe!