Carry Better in Style - with the Liwa Dopp Kit

A few years ago we introduced the Liwa Dopp Kit, it was not necessarily a part of our first set of designs. Regardless since its release, it quickly became one of our bestsellers, especially at our retail partners at eighteen forty seven, The Art of shaving and a few other men's grooming stores.



Tan Liwa Dopp Kit


What makes the Liwa Dopp Kit so popular among our peers, is because it was designed to accommodate travelers. Whether it’s a day trip involving just your toothbrush and deodorant or a long trip that will require you to carry a 10-step skincare routine, Liwa Dopp Kit is designed to serve you efficiently.



Designed for travellers

Another beneficial aspect behind its design is that it has a double compartment which gives you the opportunity to keep your toiletries organized in two different compartments in case you need to separate some items from each other. Last but not least is its water resistant inner lining, so essentially if there is a soaked item having it put in the bottom compartment, you wont need to worry about the rest of your essentials being affected by the water and keeps your items dry and secure.



Double compartments

Latest Colours

In terms of materiality, we used oil pull up leather which is a common material we use here at Ryokō. Some of its benefits include for example our traditional tan color can grow richer and richer over time allowing the leather and its texture to be appealing and easy to clean to most people. Since we have been concentrating on the tan version for the longest time, we decided to produce different variations of the Liwa Dopp Kit.



Vintage Brown Liwa Dopp Kit

About a year ago we launched the vintage brown variation, but more recently we have added black leather, which also carries the same specifications of being oil pull up leather. We were able to source and find a match to the original tan leather quality and decided to commit and add it to our collection. Additionally, we want to make it a small special edition as well, which is black with the gold zipper. So we have an all black and black with a gold zipper just to add a little bit more variety to one of our bestsellers. We hope you like our new additions, especially the most recent black and gold which is a limited edition, and recommend that you grab them while they’re still in stock.



Colour Variations