Which watch did you wear the most in 2022?

a man in a blue coat wearing a watch

So, I saw a couple of videos on YouTube, one from Hodinkee about "the watches their staff wore the most in 2022" and the other from Teddy Baldassarre where he spoke with the top 20 YouTube content creators with the same niche (that is, watches)  and asked them to record a short video about "the watch they wore the most in 2022," and they were both quite interesting. Especially the one from Teddy Baldassarre, where he asked a few of the popular watch YouTubers to tell all of us what watch spent the most time on their wrist last year.

Teddy Baldassarre also revealed that his preferred watch in 2022 was the Omega Constellation Globemaster in the Blue Dial. It was evident from the watch choices that different personalities had an influence on the kind of watch they would wear, and perhaps one of the watches they recommended was also your go-to watch for last year. best watch

Since everyone was sharing, I thought I'd share with you the watch that I wore the most in 2022. The Omega Trilogy Speedmaster Anniversary Edition is this watch. It is an intriguing story about how I got hold of this watch. So I got it from a friend of mine who was taking his collection in a different direction, and he knew for a while that I was specifically interested in this watch. Special thanks to him (WatchesWithFizz). It's an amazing watch to wear and perfect for a speedy Tuesday!

a nice watch with a wallet

So let us know through our Instagram page, "Which watch spent the most time on your wrist in 2022?" Happy New Year from the Ryoko family. I hope you all have a very lovely year ahead.