Genuine Leather vs Full Grain Leather

Full Grain Leather vs Genuine Leather Leather is one of the finest, most versatile materials out there.

An old-school charm mixed with a classic yet modern look makes it eternal, and there just isn’t anything else quite like it. But buying a leather product can be a confusing affair. All the different grades, the tags of ‘genuine’ or ‘full grain’, make it easy for inexperienced buyers to feel lost. Here we’ll discuss what these terms mean so that you can be well informed for your next purchase


So what is Genuine Leather?

“Genuine Leather” simply means that it is at least real leather – made from animal skin and not synthetic materials. That means that scraps of leather can be sanded down, embossed, chemically treated, and the bag it is refurbished into can still be called genuine leather. Genuine leather is generally the lowest quality of leather in availability, but the word ‘genuine’ makes many think it the most superior. Hence, customers can end up spending more on lower-quality goods, only for them to start cracking and peeling in a couple of years. Now, higher quality leather grades also count as genuine leather, but any seller worth their salt will mention exactly the kind of leather they’re selling because they know what a difference it makes.


So what makes Full Grain Leather different and better?

Full grain leather is the highest quality leather there is. It is the least processed, unaltered, full hide in its most natural form. Full grain leather is not sanded down or otherwise changed to hide any imperfections and scars an animal may have acquired during its lifetime. This makes it tougher and longer lasting compared to other grades of leather and ensures that every full grain piece is unique so no two products are the same.

Full Grain Leather and Genuine Leather Comparison

Why is it so expensive?

Well, it is a fact universally acknowledged that anything that ages beautifully is going to be expensive. Full Grain Leather is worth all the bucks mainly for the gorgeous patina it develops over the years - you know that absolutely stunning texture on vintage and used leather items. Oh, the richness and depth of that is unmatchable.


Word of advice? If you’re looking for something temporary that you want to use only for a little while, then genuine leather is ideal because it is definitely cost-effective. But if you’re looking to invest in a product that you want to use for decades, Full Grain Leather is the real deal. The best quality leather that money can buy. Something you will enjoy growing old with because the more you use it, the more character it develops.