Patina - What is it?

When we talk about the ‘ageing’ of leather, the word ‘patina’ often comes into the conversation. But what is ‘patina’ really? 


Patina is a gradual change on the leather over time through different elements. This is because it gradually absorbs these elements over years, be that sunlight, moisture, splashes of water or even the natural oils from your skin when you carry them. Over time the leather will oxidize and age naturally to give these darkened effects.


Leather Patina Before and AfterThe Hudson Notebook Cover

Benefit of Patina

Apart from the fact that ‘patina’ is a hallmark of the highest-quality leather, this phenomenon can also provide a protective covering to materials that would otherwise be damaged by corrosion or weathering. A good patina is a sight to behold.

Aged leather forming patina The Cleveland Bag

How to develop your own patina?

As we know, leather is a natural material and used in many different ways. It could be your briefcase, a wallet or even a leather watch strap, In order to actually get a nice patina on your leather goods, you have to do one simple thing - use it. They all will look different over the years as you use them more, ageing in a particular way, representing your own characters.  It's a richness and beauty that only comes with time and experience.


New leather wallet and aged leather wallet showing patinaThe Jones Clip Wallet


 What Leather Shows The Best Patina?

This phenomenon happens best on naturally tanned ‘full-grain’ leather as opposed to chemically treated ‘chrome-tanned’ leather (or ‘genuine leather’ as it's more popularly known as). Full-grain leather is considered the highest grade of leather in terms of  quality and durability. It is made of the strongest part of the cow hide. We have also noticed that tan colored leather, in particular, shows the richest and the most beautiful patina. Its original natural shade gradually transforms into any range of browns over time. That’s another reason we, at Ryoko, really love the tan coloured leather!

Your leather - an investment piece

At Ryoko, we promise to use only premium full-grain leather to ensure the highest longevity of our accessories. What makes this even better is the fact that you will end up using these items for a longer time, as they are not only more durable but also keep looking better as the years go by. Not having to replace them frequently also means that you buy less when you buy better quality products.

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