Let's stop keys from scratching up your phone inside the pocket!

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Just bought yourself a brand new phone only to have it scratched up, by your keys, inside your pocket? Definitely not be the ideal situation! Of course, you could keep your keys and phone in separate pockets but if you insist on keeping them both equally handy, here’s a solution from our store that will make you happy.


EDC Leather Key Fob by Ryoko

Here's where the Multi Key-Fob comes into the picture. You can now organize your keys inside thus slim leather key chain. 


It houses up to 5-9 keys between the two slots on both sides and the keys can be folded back in to ensure they don't scratch anything else you keep around them. The key-fob is also held in place by a metal screw that can be tightened to securely keep the keys inside.


EDC Leather Key Fob by Ryoko


This keyring is an ideal addition to your everyday carry. Of course, we recommend that you personalize your leather key holder with your name monogrammed on this beautifully handmade full grain leather cover. The devil is in the details when it comes to functional everyday accessories and we have made sure our key-fob keeps you organized and looking on point.  You can order them online here or visit us at our Flagship Ryoko store in Dubai, UAE to pick them up in person. Pro tip - it also makes for a great gift idea!


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