Which is a Better 'Office Carry'?

Things are changing with the passing of time, and so are our choices. A backpack seen on the back of a student is now worn by professionals to carry their meeting essentials and tech accessories. While a briefcase is no longer just another boring office accessory, it is now much more exclusive to carry around the office, especially if it is made of leather. Some like to have both for different occasions. But when it comes to choosing one of them, it becomes a confusing task for us. So to help you sort out your confusion, here are some points to consider.

Man having backpack and briefcase

Perfect for every adventure

Walking around the city, thinking about hiking, riding a bicycle, or going to the gym, you would like your hands to be free. Here, the backpack is the best way to commute. But what about work? Do you still need a backpack? It completely depends on you and how you would like to carry your office essentials. Do you prefer holding a briefcase in the office or backpacking your belongings and roaming around with ease and comfort?

Work BackPack vs Briefcase

But, if you ask me, I would carry a backpack because it is ideal for any adventure, whether it is a vacation or a business trip. You will never look like the odd one out with a backpack, especially if it's a Madison Backpack, because it's crafted with premium full-grain leather, which is considered to be the top quality of leather. The word "backpack" itself makes it a little casual, whereas the leather makes it a work backpack.


Like being classy or modern?

Do you like being classy or love being modern? The simple answer to this question will be the ideal solution for deciding between a backpack and a briefcase.

Leather Laptop briefcase

The Wellington laptop briefcase is a unique combination of classic and contemporary style. It will correctly reflect your professional personality, especially because it is crafted with the finest Japanese leather and two-tone colors.

office leather Backpack

The Madison Backpack is not just modern but has a smart design, as it has a quick-access compartment on the front and a separate zip opening for your laptop, making it convenient for everyday use.


Into a corporate world or a creative world?

You might be wondering what the correlation is between the corporate or creative world and the backpack or briefcase. If you are working with some creative folks, even at a start-up where everyone is super cool, wearing jeans, and has an amazing chill and passionate environment, a briefcase, on the other hand, will not fit the vibe.

Madison backpack for office

If you're working with a big firm or have a corporate job where everyone is dressed up and carrying an outfit that matches exactly and you're roaming around with a backpack instead of a briefcase, you won't look presentable in front of these highly professional people.

Wellington Laptop briefcase buy online

One that goes well with a suit and tie!

When wearing a suit and tie, we are not only concerned with the accessories that go well with it but also not to wrinkle it. In this case, choosing a backpack might or might not be the ideal solution. Whereas the Wellington laptop briefcase not only goes well with a suit and tie but also saves you from wrinkling your outfit and keeps you professional throughout the day. It is crafted with the finest Japanese leather, with adjustable shoulder straps to encase the structure and a zip to fasten the compartment, making it super stylish and convenient to use.

Briefcase vs Backpack

Backpacks are more like business casual, whereas briefcases are more like business professionals.