Top 10 New Year's Must-Haves (for Travelers)

Most travel takes place at this time of year, and being ready, prepared, and highly organised to just snap and go is the dream of every traveler. Here are 10 must-have goods for hassle-free packing. 


  1. Smith Passport Wallet - The most important things to have while traveling are your passport, boarding pass, cash, and bank cards. What could be more amazing than keeping all of this in your Smith Passport Wallet, along with a place for your notepad to keep notes of every important event that allows you to snap and go?

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  2. Liwa Dopp Kit - Whether it’s a day trip or a long flight, the Liwa Dopp Kit is designed to serve you efficiently. Its spacious, water-resistant inner lining and two separate compartments make it ideal for carrying your tech accessories or your toiletries in well-organized fashion.

  3. A good Book - When you have a long destination to travel to, you can't keep scrolling through your phone or sleeping the whole time. That is why we need books; books are not only for entertainment but can also help you learn new things and are an excellent travel companion. 

    Must-Haves for travellersPhoto by Mpumelelo Macu

  4. Madison Backpack - It is designed for smart travel and has a separate zip opening for your laptop for convenient access. It's handcrafted from premium full-grain leather, making it elegant to carry your everyday essentials.

  5. A GMT watch— There are multiple reasons why a GMT watch is a must-have timepiece for every traveler, depending on their lifestyle and personality. The topmost reason is the function that allows you to track two separate time zones at the same time, which is quite useful when traveling.

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  6. Mark Tech portfolio - If you are a frequent flyer, we designed this portfolio with you in mind. It can fit devices such as the 13-inch MacBook Pro and has extra room for A4 papers, pens, business cards, notebooks, keys, and phone accessories, with an extra pockets to hold your passport and boarding passes. The slim design of the Mark Tech portfolio makes it portable and easy to carry.

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  7. AirPods Pro Gen 2 - The go-to airpods for long-haul flights have been the AirPods Pro Gen 2 ever since their launch. It gives you a next-level audio experience. It provides a high-quality audio experience with much-needed noise cancellation. It has a 24-hour battery life and a wireless charging case, which makes it easy and portable for any traveler.

    Must-have leather goodsPhoto by Timothy Buck

  8. S’pore Sling Bag- At the airport, on the go, or on a casual day out, the S’pore Sling Bag- is the perfect hands-free carry solution for frequent flyers just like you and is crafted with premium full-grain leather.

    Must-haves travel accessories

  9. Cleveland Travel Bag - Whether you are a professional photographer or a casual traveller who likes clicking pictures, the Cleveland Travel Bag is perfect as it can keep your cameras and lenses well protected and scratch-free while having enough space for a 15" Macbook Pro and other tech accessories.

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  10. Sunglasses - Always remember to pack your sunglasses when traveling. It not only gives you a stylish look, but it also protects your eyes from glaring sunlight, reduces eye strain, and protects ocular tissues from harmful UV rays.

    Must have leather goods for travellersPhoto by Andrea Piacquadio

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